About Us

The companies within the NC GROUP are independent, owner-managed companies with their headquarters in Berlin. NET CHECK, NC PLAN, NC SYSTEMS and NCQA stand for innovation, flexibility and autonomy in their international alignment.

All GROUP members provide their services in the field of radio networks. NET CHECK GmbH can be called the nucleus of the GROUP as it is the oldest of the companies, founded in 1999.

  • NET CHECK stands for the evaluation and improvement of network quality.
  • NC PLAN supports the planning and implementation of wireless networks.
  • NC SYSTEM creates transparency by consulting and as a system integrator.
  • NCQA is taking care of the quality issue from the customer's point of few.

In order to maintain and improve the optimum result of customer satisfaction, we always work in close relation with our sister companies. This enables us to offer total packages with significant values to our customers. All companies are certified according to DIN EN 9001:2008 in terms of their Quality Management System. Our international staff is dedicated and competent in all aspects of telecommunications.