NC GROUP offers a wide range of services in the area of mobile and fixed networks.

All members of the GROUP are being managed from the headquarter in Berlin-Schöneberg. Hence, all projects are coordinated centrally from there. Regional offices and project-related locations guarantee the necessary customer proximity. All companies within the GROUP work together flexibly. Internal resources like IT and fleet are being provided centrally by NC GROUP.

NC PLAN is the first contact partner when it comes to planning and implementation of wireless networks in the public and governmental area. Here in-house coverage is what the focus is on.

NET CHECK's core competence is measuring, evaluating and optimizing radio networks, mainly in the field of access networks of public mobile networks. We support our customers worldwide by ensuring the quality of their networks and the relevant network components with active measurements and the optimization measures that we take.

NC SYSTEMS supports its customers with OSS services and solutions that are related to the core sector of security-relevant networks. Additionally we consult and assist when it comes to the conceptualization, decision-finding, implementation and maintenance of complex new components, hardware and software-wise.

NCQA, founded in 2013, is taking new steps in direction of quality checks of mobile networks. Based on commitments of the end user, NCQA links them with the monitoring process and therefore supports the optimization and improvement of mobile networks with additional information. NCQA is in close cooperation with mobile network operators, public authorities and the media. It creates transparency and contributes to the improvement of the network quality.

The NC GROUP family is dedicated to its customers. Customer needs come first. Our aim is to react flexible, innovative and cross-organisational in all areas. This cross-organisational cooperation grants quick and target oriented solutions.